Consignor Contract # _______________

NU2YOU Fashion Boutique Consignment Agreement

Consignment period is 12 weeks. (90 Days)  

After 90 days you will have the option to: 

  • Pick up any unsold items (If you choose to retrieve unsold items, please call the store 72 Hours in advance during the last week of your contract expiry date to schedule a pick up date/time.
  • Donate any unsold items to a charity of our choice. (Nu2You will donate to a local Woman’s charity)

Pricing: Nu2You reserves the right to set prices on ALL Fashions. Prices are set to fair market value. Your items will be subject to mark-downs and sales during this period.

Payment Options: 

Option #1: You will receive 40% of the selling price if you choose a cash/check payout account.

Option #2: You will receive 50% of the selling price if you choose a store credit account.

Option #3: You will receive up to 70% of the selling price for “Luxury Brand Handbags”

Account Status: Consignors can call or email the store anytime for account status.  (

Receiving Payment: Consignors can receive payment in the form of Cash, e-Transfer ($1.50 fee), or Cheque.

Possession of Items: Nu2You will not be held responsible if any items are lost, stolen, or damaged while under contract.  

Account Settlement: It is the full responsibility of the consignor to settle their account throughout or after the contract period.   


All items not picked up, will become property of NU2YOU Fashion Boutique and will be donated to charity.   

Consignor Contract #:   ______________________          

Date:  ____________________________________

Name:   __________________________________          

Address:  _________________________________

City:    ___________________________________            

Postal Code:   ______________________________

Phone #:   _________________________________          

E-mail:  ___________________________________

TOTAL Number of items initially accepted: __________ 

Misc. Items ___________________________________

After my contract ends;

  • Please DONATE unsold items. (Nu2You’s preferred charity is Wings Of Providence, WIN HOUSE, HOPE Mission, Ukranian Culture Association, The Mustard Seed. 
  • Please SAVE unsold items for me to pick up. I agree to make arrangements to pick up (last week of contract) and that Nu2You may donate them if not picked up on time.

It is the customers responsibility to call us (last week of contract) to make arrangements for pickup of your unsold items, once arrangements have been made you have 1 week to pick up!!

Nu2You is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles that are left on premise in our possession under contract. 

Consignors are not allowed to shorten or break the Consignment contract. A fee will be charged to break the contract early.  

Consignment period ends _______________/_______________/________________

I have read the above and agree to the terms of consignment at Nu2You Fashion Boutique Ltd.

Signature __________________________________         

Staff Signature _________________________________